Home made Gin

Home made Gin

Last few days I was working on developing my first homemade alcoholic drink. It is a very successful story which I want to share with you.

The basic principle of gin production is to flavour a neutral grain spirit with botanicals. Botanicals may include a huge range of plants, herbs, spices and fruits but in most of gins the main taste and aroma comes from juniper berries. Producers keep other botanicals ingredients secret but these may include spices such angelica root, cardamon, coriander seeds, orris root, cassia bark, ginger, nutmeg etc. As we have seen with the introduction of the whole new generation of gins the list of ingredients is no longer limited. There are several methods for producing gin since its origin but generally speaking we recognise three main, basic techniques: pot distillation, column distillation and compound. The first two techniques are complex procedures which require more or less professional equipment and skills. Compound technique, on the other hand is simple but the gin made this way is not as highly regarded. Of course, here I want to introduce gin made for FFF (fun, friends and family) and we don’t need to care about skills or equipment. Just follow me!

In my recipe I used spices from the basic ladder you will find in every kitchen- cinnamon, bay leaf, cardomon and some citruses. As a base spirit I used Absolut vodka. I kept the drink in the fridge and checked on it first after 12 hrs. I loved the results. The gin developed a lovely deep golden colour and was very light on the palate, with a very distinct citrusy flavour followed by cinnamon and sweet nuts. The second time I opened it after 48 hrs and both the colour and taste changed dramatically. The gin developed a tawny colour and the taste changed for earthy, herbal and black fruits. I preferred the first, lighter version which was closer to the professional gin with fresh and stimulating taste.

Making it was a great fun and proved that you don’ t need a lot of skill to enjoy yourself in the kitchen while making something special. I think this is a super idea for parties or presents. Good luck and have fun!



1 lemon

1 lime

10g fresh ginger

2 tbs juniper berries

1 tbs koriander seeds

2 seeds of cardamon

1 tbs black pepper corns

1 stick of cinnamon

1 bay leaf

1 small dry chilli

1 rosemary branch

1 tsp dry camomile flowers

750 ml of grain vodka


Wash and peal lemon and lime ( we only need the skin of citruses). Wash ginger and cut in slices. Warm up frying pan and place in it a juniper, coriander, peppers, cinnamon and cardamon and toast them for 3-5 min and then cool down.

Place all ingredients in the bottle and close it. Keep in the fridge up to 12 hrs. Enjoy.



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