Polenta and vegetable squares

Polenta and vegetable squares

This could be a meal or snack. With preparation only 15 min this is a fast and healthy meal at any time. I often prepare it in advance and take along for walks or bike rides with my daughter.

Polenta is a low carbohydrate food rich in vitamin A and C making it a good source of the antioxidants. The level of beta-carotene is 97 micrograms per 100 grams ! with health benefits like, cancer and heart disease prevention.


For 2  portions (about 12-14 squares)

50 g of polenta

250 ml vegetable bullion

handful of green peas (can be frozen) or any vegetable you like cut  into small pieces.


  1. Bring the bullion to a brisk boil over medium-high heat.
  2. Pour the polenta into the boiling bullionWhile whisking gently, pour the polenta into the boiling water in a steady stream.
  3. Continue whisking until polenta is thickened. Turn down the heat to low and continue whisking until the polenta has thickened enough that it doesn’t drop down from the whisk (about 15 min)
  4. 5 min before the end of cooking stir in vegetable.
  5. Lightly butter a baking sheet or shallow dish. Spread polenta on dish to about 1 inch (1,5 cm thick) Using a spatula even the surface of polenta. Cool to room temperature to allow polenta to solidify. Cover and refrigerate for up to 3 days.
  6. When needed cut into squares. It taste best when fresh.


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