No bake blueberries cheescakes

No bake blueberries cheescakes

This is a super easy, no fuss dessert everyone can make in minutes. I used a wild blueberries for my recipe but you can use a regular blueberries too. It may give you a different colour tough.

For the biscuit base:

6 biscuits

50 gr melted butter.

For the cheescake: (make six dessert glasses)

500 g ricotta cheese or similar.

6 tbsp icing sugar

Juice of ½ lemon

400ml double cream

120 g frozen wild blueberries (or normal fresh/frozen blueberries)


1.For the base: grind the biscuits in a food processor, melt the butter and combine them when the butter is still hot. Divide between 6 glasses and press down firmly. Leave to cool.

2. Put the cheese in a large bowl. Add the icing sugar and mix well, next add the lemon and blueberries. In another bowl, whip the cream to soft peaks, then fold into the cream cheese mixture.

3. Divide cheesecake mix between your 6 glasses and leave in fridge for 30 min to cool down.

Bon apetite!


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