About me

Welcome to my blog!

The picture above was taken in Florence, my dearest place in the entire world.

Once, after another perfect day, spent there with my best friend, I wondered:  how could I stop the time or at least share this beautiful moment with everyone?

So, here I am. A food lover and an experienced catering events manager, Italian sommelier, traveller,  photographer, mother

&  more.

I have been passionate about cooking and a whole culinary world all my life. I love to share my cooking achievements with my friends and pamper them with many baking experiments. I worked in catering events management for 10 years in Oxford, UK where, while serving and working along great people I was developing my adoration for food.

My second passion is travelling and on each escape, I sniff streets in search for colourful markets, local cuisine and good wine. Most of my holiday’s budget I spend on eating out. I also love to collect unique kitchen equipment and china from around the world.

Finally- photography. The art I am still learning and I hope you find it interesting. I can only promise the food will taste as good as it looks on a  picture, or better,  and recipes are prepared for you to enjoy the food not only the photo.

Here, I wish to share my passions with you, take you to my kitchen and all these places I travel.

Please follow, be inspired, and discuss.

Enjoy the beauty of food & wine as the moments with family & friends. Without them, the world would be just another nice place in the space.


About the content of this blog.

Pictures: I am the author of the photography on this blog and every image is the subject of Copyright Notice. If I use a photograph taken by someone else I will mention it below the image. If you wish to share an image please do so in the comment area or tag this blog in social media! I would love my audience to share their own photography.

Kids Treats: Recipes are for kids older than 1 year. Recipes have been only checked on one child- mine. My daughter has mild milk and cereal allergy but can still eat all of the products. Recipes have not been consulted with a doctor or dietary specialist. Please use it accordingly to your child liking or specific dietary. In case you have any question or doubts about ingredients you can always email me.