Paris. Baguette with a view.

If not Paris where then?

There would be no food blogs without Paris, there would be no haute cuisine without Paris, there would be no Chanel No 5 without Paris or Ernest Hemingway’s “Moveable Feast”. That is why I also begin here.

My last visit in Paris was dedicated to flânerie, the french word for aimless strolling.  

I was really trying to chill out and decided against crazy runs for museums, queues for best restaurants, morning markets at 5 am, or 10 k wine marathons. Just Paris in a Parisian way. Lazy walks, coffee brakes, window shopping, sniffing scents in a classy perfumery,  sunbathing on a chair in the park and eating simple food. No particular plan or destination. And just like that, while walking in the rain I discovered the  E.Dehillerin, the most authentic culinary shop I have ever seen. Equipped with anything you could possibly need in your kitchen. Heavily stocked shelves with kitchen ware and utensils look a bit like an old style tool shop but this is the charm of this place. Few generations of famous chefs shopped there, including Julia Child. Receipts are still written on paper but no worries, staff speak very good English.  I stayed there long enough to get suspicious looks from the personnel. This time I only got myself a form for classic madeleines but now I know where to treat myself next time!

My next discovery was, voted the best bakery in Paris 2016, La Parisienne. This patisserie uses simple philosophy:  combine traditional methods with the finest of ingredients. And it works! You can buy there the best quality baguettes, breads and other baked goods. In the same place you can fill your baguette it with anything you want from the counter and you are ready to take a ride to one of your favourite panoramic views of the city.

Of course do not forget some dessert and for that, drop by Maison Georges Larnicol, grab your favourite kouignette or two and it will make your day. By the way, I absolutely love this chocolatier. It is convenient and packed with deliciousness. I also got some sweets from there and beautifully packed salted caramel for presents.

Another time I spent my day even slower and  lazed in bright and colourful Parisian parks. If you want to follow my path and go for picnic style lunch,  try Luxembourg Gardens or Musee Rodin sculpture gardens, where you can enjoy some art as well.

In case you are a stubborn fan of restaurants go to Cafe de l’ Homme. This Art Deco style restaurant also serves from a gigantic terrace with breath-taking view over the Eiffel Tower. A true promise of happiness on sunny days. You can choose from many dining options or stop by for drink only. They have a great selection of wine but coffee is not bad too.

It was nice to be a less of a tourist this time. I really enjoyed my slow movement mini break and discovering places by chance.

That is it from Paris for today! You will find all links and addresses below.

Enjoy! Au revoir!





E Dehillerin
18 rue Coquilliere,
75001 Paris, France
Phone Number:
+33 1 42 36 53 13
132 Boulevard Saint-Germain,
75006 Paris, France
Boulevard Saint-Michel, Ile-de-France,
Paris, France, 75006
79 Rue de Varenne,
75007 Paris, France
17 Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre,
75016 Paris, France

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