Eat well, live well. Hygge.

Eat well, live well. Hygge.

If you still did not read that book, you should read it now. It is still cold outside and so dark almost all day long that lighting a candle already to your breakfast sounds good, or, actually, it is very hygge. In very short description it means cosy…  but, wait a second. This is what that book is about- one word but very big philosophy. Author of the book tries to explain what hygge means and how to live the hygge life. Life filled with happiness and simplicity.

One of the main parts of hygge are candles and in Denmark they burn the highest number of candles per head in Europe!

The meaning of a candle and a whole hygge idea is really nicely reflected throughout the book with addition of  beautiful photographs that, I literally could have just stared at for hours.

Of course hygge life would not exist without food and the book feeds you with some comfort Danish dishes ideas on the way as well.
What also makes this book extra special is that, it gives you little tips on how to make your life more hygge. There’s a brilliant chapter on what to do each month to be hygge, and other simple ideas throughout. Following this simple steps brings you closer to understanding what makes a person happy, makes you evaluate things and especially to reach the Danish Hygge way.

Lovely book to get all cosy with, on these dark and chilly evenings.

But, I can not wait for summer and my idea of hygge.


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