5 Food trends I will follow in 2017.

5 Food trends I will follow in 2017.

Last year I spent a lot of time traveling and during each of the trips I was observing the food industry and the changes it faces in 2017. I observed that Massimo Bottura and other celebrity chefs focus more and more on food waste and as a result this will become a new social responsibility this year. This is also related to a big comeback to basic techniques. Restaurants will become less like a fancy laboratory and focus more on simplicity of food and original produce. Also there are new directions in taste and preparation. On this blog I will follow 5 trends which in my opinion will bring something new and refreshing.

  1. Spicy Mexican, Cuban and Portuguese recipes.

During my recent visit to Paris I had a chance to see a Mexican art exhibition. Wow, I was impressed! The collection of art was vibrant, rich in colours, lively and refreshing. I imagined it sets a whole new direction, not only in art but also in interior design and the other ways of living and style. Shortly after, I learnt that Noma is moving to Mexico to open a restaurant there. This only means one thing – the food is going to spice up and we are just about to open ourselves to new possibilities, to a new era of ingredients and flavours – we can expect authenticity to be the order of the day. Just yesterday, I saw aloe vera in the vegetable section of a local supermarket. Also, Cuba opening up more and more is going to bring us new food discoveries. I am planning my Cuba trip right now so watch this space!

2. Big comeback of meat.

Last couple of years were dedicated to veganism and greens on the plate. I think everyone cooked at least one vegetarian or vegan meal last year. I love the trend and I think we should continue to cook more vegetarian meals, however a new meat era is approaching. Meat will be sourced locally from organic farms and served straight from old new charcuteries and rotisseries, which are reopening. We are going to smoke, roast, barbecue and use old techniques to create artisan hams etc. I am also very excited to check on some very old techniques used in my family for generations. Watch this space for more.

3. Meaty vegetables and jarred goods.

We will return to basics in preparation and storage as well. Meaty cauliflower, cabbage and gherkins are back. Fermenting and new kinds of vegetable curing will probably surprise us.

4. Healthy food for kids.

Baby led weaning (BLW) is a trend and there is much talk and sharing about meals for young children. It is only going in better and better direction with children’s menu and children’ s own food choices. From time to time I will share children’s recipe with you.

5. New drinks.

I realised sake is becoming a fashionable drink. There are sake tastings, courses and whole trips around sake. But I am more excited about new non-alcoholic drinks and new purpose for coffee. Will see. I just hope smoothies will stop filling Instagram especially smoothie bowls.

Stay with me for updates!



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