The five season kitchen

During a recent visit to Paris I had the pleasure to meet Pierre Gagnaire. In 2015 Piere Gagnaire was voted best chef in the world -just in time to mark his 50 anniversary of working in gastronomy. For those from London, Pierre may be known for the Sketch restaurant & culinary centre, with its fantastic design, menu bar, wine list etc. It is very pleasurable place to be.

Pierre owns 11 restaurants worldwide – some marked with 2 or 3 Michelin stars. His most famous restaurant at 6 rue Balzac in Paris specialises in modern french cuisine and is simply legendary.

Gagnaire was one of the first chefs to welcome the idea of food as art. Like an artists, he marks his culinary “eras” by dish and year. Gagnaire collaborated with French chemist and professor Hervé This (a founding father of molecular gastronomy) which resulted in several cook books. Constant evolution has allowed Gagnaire to stay at the forefront of the international culinary scene and remain relevant in an ever-changing world.

I met Pierre at his book launch in Paris which was marked with a little party with wonderful wine and food prepared in his restaurant. The new book ” Five seasons Kitchen” is a collection of 90 well crafted recipes, which follow the seasons over the year with different products. In Pierre’s opinion, one can identify five season in the kitchen because spring offers very different produce in March and May.

The book is very approachable even for less experienced cooks. There are plenty of recipes everyone can cook and thereby add a little twist to classic dishes. I already have my favourite recipes in this book and I am sure you would have it too.

In my next post I will present a very colourful recipe inspired by one of those from the book. Stay with me!



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