3 cooling flavoured waters for June

3 cooling flavoured waters for June

Did you drink anything other than coffee and tea today? Do you feel like lacking of energy and not in the mood mood? This may sound ridiculous but most likely it is the result of not having enough water in your body.

Water is the source of life, so drinking water is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Water is responsible for the proper functioning of the whole body, improves concentration and affects our well-being. It is assumed that a person should deliver 30 ml of water per kg of body weight (or 1 liter per 30 kg of body weight), which in practice translates into about 1.5 to 3.5 liters of water a day. Of course, with increased activity and ambient temperature, it should be increased.

Summer is approaching great steps and with it’s high temperatures and the desire to drink something super refreshing. Here are my suggestions for June body moisturizing.

Cherry and thyme water. I love cherries! I could live on cherrie tree in high season. I also like the combination of sweet cherries and herbs in desserts so no surprise one of my favourite water is cherry and thyme. To make it add about 8-10 sliced ​​cherries and 1 teaspoon of thyme (about 5 cm) to 500 ml of water. Stir and soak for  about 30 minutes before drinking.
Pineapple and mint. I was addicted to this mixture while  in Cuba. It was on my menu every day and I never got bored of it.  For 500 ml you need 3 slices pineapple and 6 mint leaves.
Strawberry and basil. Just smelling basil leaves it is an aromatherapy  for me and adding the scent and taste of strawberries just moving all my senses. Up to 500 ml of water add 6-8 strawberries (cut some of them in half to strengthen the taste) and 2-4 mint leaves. Gently rub the basil leaves before putting them into the water.


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