Carrita or carrot margarita?

Carrita or carrot margarita?

I am not a great fan of any sweet drinks including cocktails. Especially in the summer I love to dip into something very refreshing. I could not believe that any veg would taste good in the the cocktail but this really works well. It looks good, taste good and will be a good addition to to your garden party,  especially if you make it with your own carrots.


for 2 cocktails

200 ml fresh carrot juice

100 ml ( silve Tequila )

25 ml Grand Marnier (or similar triple sec)

50 ml fresh lime juice

25 ml fresh juice from an orange

pinch of ground cumin

For the best results use freshly pressed juices. Especially important is fresh carrot juice. You can probably get one in your local supermarket. Look for the small bottles next to smoothies.
Add all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until combined.
Salt the rim of a glass and add one large ice cube.
Strain the cocktail over the ice. Decorate with citrus rings.


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