Banana nicecream

Banana nicecream

I love the ideas of healthy dessert for kids. This one is incredibly easy and guild free. My daughter did not realised it was not a real ice cream  and I have to admit I enjoy it too.

The biggest secret of this desert is to choose the perfectly ripe bananas. Buy ripe once or leave bananas out until they start to turn slightly brown. Don’t also use overripe banana because it will taste very earthy after you defrost it.

Once ripe, peel the bananas, cut into pieces, and freeze them.

When the bananas are fully frozen, through them into a food processor or  blender and blend until you achieve a consistency that resembles soft serve. If your blender is having trouble processing, you can add up 2 teaspoon milk or fruit juice. When ready remove from blender and use ice cream spoon to plate it. One medium banana should make two scoops.


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