Best high street tapas in Barcelona

Best high street tapas in Barcelona

Although this is the direction for food devotees it is not so easy to find a place that tick  all the boxes when it comes to food when you just a simple tourist. On last two trips ( 11 days of eating total ) I have eaten in several very good places and in very good number of terribly touristy. Below You will find 5 places where you can be sure to find a very good food. I just want to say that on purpose I chosen places which are not in top 3 best tapas bars. By top 3 I mean : Tickets Bar, El Quim De La Boqueria and Cal Pep. For me and many, many others this is a holy trio of Barcelona’s Tapas bars and I of course highly recommend them but I just wanted to mention few places which are more like high street eateries but with great atmosphere, fantastic food and location.

1. El Cercle 

Address: Carrer dels Arcs, 5 . Reial Cercle Artístic.
Phone: 936 244 810
Barcelona’s Reial Cercle Artístic is located in a wonderful Gothic palace that also houses El Cercle restaurant, run by Catalan chef Albert Ventura . His cuisine matches perfectly the stately and bourgeois setting. The restaurant has two noble dining rooms and an amazing terrace. You can choose from sushi menu or traditional one. Both very good. This place is perfect for informal lunch on the terrane with view over old town. It stays cool even in the hottest weather. They have best potatas bravas and very good paella.


2. Flash Flash

Address: Carrer de la Granada del Penedès, 25 (Barcelona). Between Balmes and Tuset.
Phone: 932 370 990
Flash Flash was born in the 70’s, with the glamour of Barcelona’s Gauche Divine movement. Original and -at that time- very modern, its black and white decor is amazing and very atractive. Informal atmosphere frequented by high class people of all ages. The speciality of the house is omelette in all its forms.

3. El Atril Restaurant,

Address: Carrer dels Carders, 23 (Barcelona).
Phone reservations: 933 800 897
In the heart of Barcelona we found El Atril restaurant, a charming place where we can taste the most delicious tapas and international dishes. An ideal place to meet friends or enjoy a delicious Sunday brunch on the terrace.


4. Barraca

Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 1 (Barcelona). At Almirall Cervera.
Phone: 932 241 253
Barraca is a very chic rice restaurant located in La Barceloneta. The most popular Mediterranean cuisine goes through the filter of the two Michelin-starred cook to become part of a simple menu that focuses on the quality of the seasonal product. The space, contemporary and Mediterranean, offers spectacular sea views and is perfect to enjoy at any time of the day.

5. Tapeo Restaurant: Barcelona, good tapas in El Born

Address: Carrer de Montcada, 29 (Barcelona). Placeta Montcada.
Phone: 933 101 607
Its name says it all. Tapeo is a new place of tapas-worship that welcomes us with a long bar and a modern and original décor. Cook Daniel Rueda combines, in front of his guests, tradition and creativity with the best market produce. The result is simply excellent.


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