Seville – passion and charisma

Seville – passion and charisma

According to some myths, Seville was founded 3000 hundred years ago by the greek god Hercules. Whether you believe this or not, this city definitely has a stand out personality. One can certainly feel how cultures have been mixing up here for centuries in every aspect of life. Beautiful architecture showcasing layers of history, local ingredients developing into world famous dishes and passion, so visible in art. With no doubt, Seville is a top-class cultural destination.

Since that was my second visit to the city, I was more relaxed with sight seeing and focusing more on small details of this beautiful city. I walked small streets, visited less known sites and fallen in love again with Andalusia.


My first moments in Sevilla I spent on the roof terrace of my hotel … Looking at energising colours of the buildings made me smile and eager for for new discoveries.


My first site was Casa de Salinas. One of Sevilla‘s private houses. While being inside the courtyard there I realised that half of the city’s beauty is hidden behind doors of private houses and all these romantic corners. You really need to walk into the house courts to experience the full beauty of the city. Casa de Salinas is more than just a beautiful piece of architecture. It is a house with a long family history. Family which still lives there and you are allowed to enter the their private rooms too! I like this house so much that I decided to visit the rest of the recommended private houses in the city. Second on the list was Casa de Pilatos – the most famous one and some even compare its beauty to Alcazar Castle but my second favourite was Condesa de Lebrija. Such a quite place and these floors. Just lovely.

Below Casa de Salina

In the meantime I was trying some great tapas! Seville has a rich culinary culture, rooted in old recipes and local ingredients which really makes Seville stand out. For those traditional tapas bars that have been running for decades if not centuries you need to head to Barrio de Santa Cruz. There you will find Cafe Bar Las Teresas continuously running since 1870. The menu is only in Spanish and the food highly traditional but don’t worry, even if you are blind tasting you will not be disappointed. That was definitely the best tapas I have tried on this trip. It’s also a good place to sit down outside and enjoy one of the Spanish guitar players who stop by every now and then.

Another eatery worth mentioning is Isla. Isla is a restaurant, not tapas bar and it is not as low budget but the food is great. Best paella I eat so far. They specialise in seafood and you can try some good wines there too.


Third in line are the two places Los Coloniales and Taberna Los Coloniales. They have the same owner and same quality food. First is slightly quieter because of the location the second usually features a long queue. Food is divine and portions ale really well sized considering the prices. Highly recommended.

If you are looking for a bit of a show, I recommend you start your evening in Bodega Santa Cruz. Grab a drinks, snack and take a selfie with the bartender adding it all to your tap with chalk on the actual bar.

Good nightlife happens at C Arfe street where you can meet a lot of locals. Just go with the flow and experience some unannounced happenings…

For a more quiet and romantic evening, go to one of the rooftop bars and observe the beautiful night landscape with a good glass of Rioja Crianza. (EME Catherdral Hotel or Hotel Palacio Alcazar)



Apart from food and architecture there are three other things, which should not be missed in Seville. First, a boat trip on the Plaza Espana. It is such a lovely place for a romantic afternoon. It is like mini Venice in the middle of Spain. Just imagine ..

Second- Bullfighting ring. Whether you support bull fighting or not, one needs to accept the fact it is a part of Spanish history and culture. The excellent guided trip inside the ring will explain you a lot and you can enter the ring itself and feel the dust under your shoes.

Three- Flamenco. Probably the most expressive dance show you will ever experience. Seville is famous for flamenco shows and you can find plenty of flamenco shows offered on every corner. There is an ongoing fight, which is the best and I can’t help you decide… follow your heart. For free flamenco go on Saturday afternoon to Plaza Espana or in the evenings to La Carboniera (make sure you come well before the show starts to get best places).

I already miss the colours and energy this city gives you and hope to come back there soon!


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