Summer no bake cheesecake

Summer no bake cheesecake

What a summer! Are you also melting away? I can bet that baking anything is the last thing you want to do in this weather… But if you still fancy some nice cool desert to serve this weekend here it is. The creamiest of all cheesecakes with juicy jelly and some beautiful summer flowers and fruits.

For the base:

120 g Digestive biscuits – crushed well into sand like consistency

50 g butter

For the cheesecake:

250 g mascarpone cheese

250 gr ricotta (drained!)

120 g powdered sugar

300 ml double cream

1 vanilla pod

10 gr gelatin powder

For decoration:

handful of edible flowers and fruits

1 pack of lemon jelly powder (for 500ml)


1. Melt the butter, stir in the biscuit crumbs until well mixed, then press as firmly as you can into the bases of each paper case. Cool down.

2. Place both kinds of cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla in the bowl and combine well with electric mixer. You should beat it as long as you receive a smooth and fluffy mass. 

3. Whip double cream

4. Fill gelatin powder with 50 ml of cold water, let it stand for 10 minutes. Place on stove and heat it up slowly, stirring, until the gelatin completely dissolves. Do not let it boil (gelatin will lose its gelling properties). Remove from the stove and cool slightly. Add a tablespoon of cheese mass to the slightly warm gelatin, spread it thoroughly. Add another 2 tablespoons and mix again, watching if there are any lumps. Add the remaining gelatin to the cheese mass and mix immediately. Combine all well but do not mix for long. 

5. Add whipped cream to the cheese mass, and mix it very gently together. Put the cheese mass on the biscuit base. Align with the spatula. Cool in a refrigerator until feels firm to touch. It will take about 2 hrs.

6. Prepare the jelly accordingly to package instruction then cool down to room temperature. In meantime arrange flowers and fruits on the cheesecake base and slightly press them into the base. Very slowly, only from the side pour the jelly over the arrangement. You might need to adjust it a bit again but after that place the cheesecake immediately in the fridge and leave it to set for few hours. Depend on the jelly it might take up to 8 hrs.

Good luck and  Bon appetite!


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